Frozen assets

So, all those poor Southern Hemisphere guys think they are having a tough time training for the Cape Epic? I read that some unlucky chaps got a cold at the Sabie race recently, and all because it was raining. Ag, shame.
Well, here in England we have been terribly lucky with the weather – it hasn’t rained for nearly a month. A bit of snow, perhaps, still sitting frozen on the ground, but no rain. In fact, this morning I went out at 10am – sun shining, clear blue sky, not a worry in the world, you would think. Except it was -6 deg C. I could feel my feet for at least 45 minutes – the last two hours of the ride, I don’t know where they were. The good news was that it did eventually warm up – to -1C.

And spare a thought for Paul – he’s probably feeling a bit cranky right now. He has this fancy little Italian number that he uses for training on the road. Last week he took it in for a service, and just the next day, on his next ride in to work, the left pedal came off, stripping the thread on the crank, leaving poor Paul to cycle the last few miles one-legged. I did warn him about the Italian job, but he won’t listen ….

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