Soooo tired

Woke up to clear blue skies and the sun hanging there, just above the horizon, as it does in the British winter. It didn’t take too much encouragement from the wife for me to get out and make the most of it. Three hours, was the aim, and I set off breezily through my patch of Kent, zig-zagging my way over the North Downs, past Brands Hatch, down the Darenth Valley and back along the Pilgrims Way.
Well, three and a half hours later, the light fading fast and battered by the winds, I staggered home, totally exhausted. “Don’t traipse mud into the house,” was my welcome – and I hadn’t even been off-road. A look in the mirror showed why! I was spattered with all the detritus the road can throw at you.
I dozed off in the bath, and now as I head down for dinner I wonder if I’ll make it until Match of the Day. I’ll probably just have to look up the Man U score online and hit the hay early (people still say that? don’t they?)
That’s it. I’ve had it!!!!

4 thoughts on “Soooo tired

  1. Dennis, this is impressive, but totally mad! Cycling in Kent in January is bad enough, but this race is amazing. Sailing is another “sitting down sport”, as the Australians would say, but takes a lot less effort. Good luck in the training, and the race.

  2. Well done, Boet, to get cycling like this: being postmenopausal means I now have no cycle, and a good excuse to get no exercise! (does that make sense? I think not!) Any way, the only blog I keep nowadays is about sewing/crafting etc, so I guess my fingers get to do the walking…I just wanted to say good luck, and keep at it: You and littlesis (peddling in Queensland) will be the fittest in the family and a shining example to us all….perhaps I will be inspired to look out for a cycle of my own…with wheels on! XX G

  3. Wow! Totally impressive, but yes, you are completely nuts.I hope that we will at least get to see you in SA. Happy Training, lynne.

  4. Yes, completely mad.

    Are you taking sponsorship Dennis? – if so let me know at the weekend.

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