Wet wet wet

It rained yesterday afternoon. Then it rained yesterday evening. When I left work last night it was still raining. In fact, by the time I had cycled from The Times to Tower Hill my feet were soaked, so I decided to hop on the Underground to Victoria with my bike, rather than get yet wetter.
When I got off the train at West Malling it was still raining, and again I was soaked in the five-minute ride home. Some time this morning I went to sleep to the sound of rain washing the windows, dripping down the drainpipes and soaking the stonework.
This morning, oh joy, the rain had stopped. I had planned a five-hour off-road ride, with my mate Andrew accompanying me for the first part, and so we set off. There was mud everywhere, glorious mud and big, dirty puddles. I had failed to put a rear crud-catcher on my bike, so there was mud in crevices that I didn’t even know existed.
Churning along one downhill section, Andrew commented that it seemed as if we were riding uphill. And it did. After about an hour and a half he jummped ship, claiming a prior engagement, so I pressed on alone.
I must have found about every muddy track and bridleway in mid-Kent, and even landed up pushing some of them. (Thanks to Phil Dixon, GB mtb coach, for the tip about practising pushing.)
Anyhow, I managed to stay away from home for five hours and eight minutes, riding in ever-decreasing circles. I had hoped to cover 80km, so imagine my joy when I got in and found I had ridden 89km.
Plus I managed to top-soil my lawn when I hosed the bike down. Two jobs in one!

One thought on “Wet wet wet

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    One thing I certainly do not miss that about Blighty is that constant rain. The locals here laugh at me when I ride in the rain winter but being from the UK one can’t allow a bit of rain to stop you, otherwise nothing would ever get done!

    How’s your training for the Epic gone? Are you ready? I guess time will tell.


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