Picture imperfect

Well, we might have landed back in dear old Blighty, but I don’t think that we have touched down quite yet from our Epic adventure. I will choose to ignore some of your pinkish ponderings on Paul’s previous posting, save to say that you had to be there to fully appreciate it. And you weren’t there, we were. (And I won’t say any more to avoid digging a hole where one shouldn’t be.)
But for those of you who just can’t get enough – and I’m talking about this blog – or those who simply wish to see more visual evidence about the ride, the people we rode with, the countryside that we travelled through, and a few of our worst moments, click here for our Epic picture gallery. More to follow, surely.

One thought on “Picture imperfect

  1. It almost brings a tear to my eye, the pain has gone but the memories live forever! Brilliant pictures Dennis, thanks for a great trip.

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