Skyrider: the man who does things by halves

Sky, coming to a small town near you, if you happen to be in the States

Sky, coming to a small town near you, if you happen to be in the States

Oh, the joy of cycling! This blog, as regular readers will know, is dedicated to life on two wheels. We love cycling as a mode of transport, as a sport, and as a lifestyle. We celebrate all who take on challenges, especially where two wheels are involved, and we shun those who do things by halves. Or do we?
You might recall an earlier posting abut Alex and Will, who are riding across the US to raise money for research into autism. Well, I have been watching their progress (as have you, I am sure) and I enjoy reading about their experiences, good and bad, and about the characters they have met along the way. Most intriguing is a chap called Sky, who really has decided to do things by halves (yes, there was a point to that earlier banter). Instead of  two wheels, Sky is riding across America on a unicycle. Specifically, he is riding a 36-incher, with a saddle, kind of handlebar, and a brake, which I am sure makes some of those downhills a lot safer.
What intrigues me in his blog, 36in Across America,  are his priorities: coffee, what he has eaten, and the number of dogs that have chased him. His latest post tells us that he has finally bought a dog whistle. So far, it hasn’t worked properly.

One thought on “Skyrider: the man who does things by halves

  1. Good find Dennis,

    It was incredible to meet Sky – half as many wheels as us, double the difficulty and ten times as funny to see – he does cut a ridiculous sight – I had only ever seen one other unicyclist in my life, so it was a huge surprise to find that you could cycle across america on one!


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