Introducing Icarus Smith …

What does it mean when a blogger has not regularly updated his (or her, naturally) blog? Well, it could mean that said blogger is out on his (we’ll stick to me in this case) bike, trashing the singletrack, braving the byways, pounding the pavements in pursuit of peak performance. Or perhaps he has simply been too busy. Or uninspired. Or just downright lazy.

From the number of posts made on this blog over the past few months, you could be led to believe that it was any, or all, of the reasons above. And you wouldn’t be wrong (apart from being on the bike – I’ve been out about as many times as I’ve blogged this year, but I blame that on the weather, really). The main reason why I haven’t written is because, well, I’ve been writing (as opposed to blogging) and finally my labour has borne fruit – today my first novel is published on Kindle. So please meet Icarus Smith, child of my imagination. Icarus, also known as The Accidental Cyclist, has had a long and difficult gestation (we’re talking years here) but finally he has seen the light of day. So that you can get to know him better, I will be putting an extract from the book on this blog. Otherwise, you can download the book from Amazon (see the link on the left).

All that I can do now, as a good parent, is let Icarus loose into the world, and hope that he flies, and does not fall. I hope that if you meet him somewhere on his journey you will be kind to him – because his feelings are my feelings, and his dreams are my dreams.

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