I’ve got snowballs for this weather

12 weeks to joBerg2c

Okay, so I’ve missed a week of blogging. I admit it, I’m not perfect, but then who is? (apart from the wife, of course. She’s perfect. Always.) But where do the weeks go? These past two weeks seem to have flown by before I even had time to look at a bike. I lost a few  days to travel – had to take the daughter back to college in Yorkshire, and also went to the Core bike show with Will – and then the weather plummeted to sub-zero temperatures. Somehow that shouldn’t affect my training, but it does. As I’ve said before, I wasn’t born for anything below 15C. Just take a look through my study window right now, and you’ll see what I’m up against.

It’s not just the Arctic conditions that make the country lanes so treacherous. You’ve got to understand that the Dorset and Wiltshire area where I ride are active farming regions  criss-crossed by tractors and farm animals that leave trails of mud – and worse – splattered along the roads. It also seems to be hedge-cutting season, when monstrous mechanical flails spread puncturous detritus across the road – blackthorn and hawthorn and any other thorn you care to think of. The pneumatic tyre is no match for such savageness.

And so my riding has been done chiefly on the turbo-trainer. I hate the turbo-trainer – it feels such a false way of riding a bike, but it’s a necessary evil. I find the maximum I can do is an hour, before my bum goes totally numb and my limbs lose connection with my brain. One hour, that’s equivalent to one episode of Fargo, which is my current distraction. I’m just about the begin season 3, which I’ll sweat my way through in no time at all.

Zaskar, the bike, not the Indian mountain range.

On a brighter note, the new GT Zaskar has arrived at Hammoon Cycles. It has been stripped to the bare essentials and we’re now waiting for a delivery from Hope for all the new stuff to make it even prettier. And faster, I hope. But right now that hope doesn’t seem to be borne out by the training, because the mileage seems to be going backwards. Oh well, let’s just hope that Winter’s been and Spring isn’t far behind.

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