Whom shall we send?

40 days to #joberg2c

So, which one of these delinquents should we send off to ride from Johannesburg to Scottburgh? The Hairy One or the Smooth One? Of course, there is no choice really, because they will both be going. Right now the Hairy One is no more – he has given way to the Smooth One. You might think that this sacrifice has been made in the interests of weight loss and streamlining, but really, it’s all just down to practicality. But fear not, the Hairy One is always there, lurking somewhere just beneath the surface, struggling to get out. Just like Arnie’s Terminator, he’ll be back.
And that’s a bit like me and the weather right now. I’m struggling to get out. I blame Gareth and Hannah. In case you’re wondering, they are the two weather systems that are passing the United Kingdom right now, and they are wreaking havoc with my training plans, blowing them right out the window.

Still, got to just plod on and do what I can.

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