Minor panic attack, no one hurt

2 weeks to #joberg2c

I can’t believe it. Just two weeks to the start of joberg2c. I’m not ready yet. They have to postpone the event. I need an extra week or three and then I might be ready. Or will I? Probably no more than I am right now. So instead, why not start tomorrow. Except I’m not in South Africa yet. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait two weeks and then begin.

I have to admit to a certain amount of anxiety. I don’t usually get anxious, but this time I know that I’m dreading the start. And the finish, And all the bits in the middle. Mostly the bits in the middle. The first km and the last km are the easiest, it’s just the 898 km in the middle that scares me witless.

Is this a panic attack? I certainly think so. That list I spoke about in earlier blogs hasn’t got any shorter. In fact, every time I think of something that I haven’t done yet, it gets longer. So instead of getting down and doing something, I’m writing this, hoping that it might be a bit cathartic. It isn’t.

Perhaps I’d better just go to bed now and hope that everything will be fine when I wake up in the morning. Night night.

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