In Joburg, a lot to see

5 days to #joberg2c

I am in Johannesburg and what is there to see? Right now there is lots of rain, and some thunder and lightening. I had forgotten what a Highveld thunderstorm can be like, and it’s not really what I want when we start riding. But this isn’t the usual afternoon thunderstorm, ┬áit’s the morning, so I reckon it’s here to stay for the day. Or the week.

Well, it’s got five days to clear, so let’s just wait and see. In the meantime my bike and baggage are safely (I hope) stored at the hotel in Rosebank, and I’m doing a short tour of family and friends.

The big talking point here at the moment isn’t joberg2c, but the coming elections. I suppose it’s a change from all the talk about Brexit in the UK. In fact, it’s almost refreshing to not hear about it. Has May brought her deal back? Has everything been sorted? Who cares? Talking politics is the price I must pay for enjoying typical South African hospitality, but it’s a small price, and it keeps Brexit at bay. Oh well, excuse me now, I’m off to be indulged.

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