Time to get down to business

36 hours to #joberg2c

I’m sitting in my hotel room with bits of bike all over the place, cycle clothing strewn around. It’s time to go out for dinner, but the place is swarming with lean, mean-looking dudes who appear to be in need of a square meal. I feel as if I’m over fed and overweight after four days of fraternising and feeding with family and friends. I feel a bit guilty because I’m going out to eat when that’s all I’ve been doing for days. Every time I see someone else they’ve felt the need to feed me. I haven’t resisted, mostly out of politeness. And now I’m feeling fat and frantic. I haven’t been on a bike for a week. I have moments when I think I’ve forgotten how to ride. Oh well, I’m sure I won’t be feeling that way in a week’s time.

And then there’s the weather. I left England in bright sunshine and arrived in South Africa to be met with rain and cold. Somehow I thought things should have been the other way round. Plus there have been floods in KwaZulu Natal, the region where we finish. I’m not looking forward to loads of mud, but we’ll just have to wait and see. At least the forecast is improving. Let’s just hope …

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  1. You will be fine, just treat it like an old Sunday morning ride with us all and you will love it. You are ment to bulk up before a long ride, so just think go with it and enjoy.

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