Day 2 – like Day 1 but shorter

#joberg2c day 2

Well, that was supposed to be easier than day 1. I suppose it was in parts, but on the whole I’m not sure that I came out of it any better than yesterday.

After yesterday’s effort I slept like q baby – I woke crying at least three times. (Sorry Charles, I know that’s your joke.) But seriously, I slept.

The start was cold with mist in the valley below the town. We quickly progressed to a lovely meander along the Wilge River, which looked quite magical with mist rising off the water, but once that cleared it looked more like stagnant dish water. I am probably doing it a disservice. I’m sure it’s a lovely place to picnic on a summer’s day.

The total distance was about 16km shorter than yesterday with about the same amount of climbing. My average speed was slower, but that was intentional. I stopped often to take photos, and tried to eat and drink more. I’ve decided from tomorrow to take my camelbak, just because it’s easier to drink on the go. With water points about 30km apart, which takes me approaching two hours, I was finishing my two 750ml water bottles, which I should be doing. The most reassuring thing was that my average heart rate was down from 149 to 135.

Early on there were a few pinch points that really the held up us back markers, once for a nice bit a downhill, and then for a few swampy patches and a river crossing.

The last 30km was the most fun, with its of singletrack, but it also had some tough stretches on soft wet ground and a long climb on soggy grass. We could see Reitz, the finish town, from about 12km away, but then it disappeared as if it were a mirage, and when it finally hove into view again there was a long slow climb past the town tip, a herd of cattle and some dongas (eroded ditches for non-Safricans), but finally we got there.

i still haven’t spotted any wildlife yet, but I did find a porcupine quill. Let’s hope it brings me luck tomorrow.

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