Still counting the days

7 weeks to #joberg2c

It just doesn’t stop, does it? I’m talking about the passing of time, naturally. It really shouldn’t be something that I have to worry about, especially not at my age, but when you’ve got a deadline, you can’t help but fret a little. Still, I’ve got seven whole weeks – that’s 42 days – to get my act together. But then I stop and think about it, and I realise that I don’t really have seven weeks, because I fly to South Africa on April 20th, so that makes it just over six weeks. Oh sh…

On the River Stour today. Now you see him …

… now you don’t.

It’s not the training that worries me, although that’s probably what I should worry about most. I’ve finally got over my nasty cold and this week my mileage increased by 120km, which might seem okay, but isn’t really when you’ve started from close to nothing. I’m trying to be sensible, increasing the miles slowly but steadily. And with the weather like it is right now, I’ve got to grab the moments that I can. And they’re not always great moments. Take Monday, for instance. I went out for an 80-minute spin. When I left home at 10.30 in the morning it was 14 deg C and sunny. For this time of year that’s positively balmy for England, if not a little barmy. But when I got back home just before midday the temperature had plummeted to 3 deg C and there was sleeting rain and an icy wind. Okay, the forecast had said there would be rain later, but this rain turned up (or came down) sooner rather than later. How am I supposed to account for that?

But enough about me. How about you? How are you doing? Are you getting out and about, do you have enough to eat, are you getting enough sleep? And more importantly, have you donated yet to the wonderful cause that I’m riding for? I spent half the afternoon fashioning a couple of fancy little buttons at the top of this website just so that you can do so. There, that’s it, the one at the top that says DONATE or Velokhaya. Go on, press it. I dare you.